Environment and Nature

At Canal Side we do our very best to take care of our environment and countryside and to encourage a wide range of wild life.

We have a number of feeding stations and bird boxes including an Owl box to encourage new and existing bird life to our site.

We have planted a number of trees to help encourage other wild life and birds.

All our facility paper, i.e toilet rolls and hand towels are made from recycled paper.

All the lights around public areas of the site are on movement sensors with energy bulbs.

All our toilets are fitted with small flush water saving devises. All fans and lights are fitted with timers and sensors again to save energy.

We have a recycling area at Canal Side where all the bins are clearly labeled; i.e. newspapers, glass, tins, plastic bottles and cardboard.
Please recycle where at all possible.

All our site information is printed on paper made from forests that are renewed.